HIS Gift.

So yesterday was my 19th birthday. Nothing much happened, seriously. I didn’t even felt that it was really my birthday. But despite that, I was happy.

I AM happy. :)

This past few days, or weeks, were miraculous! Because, for the first time in forever something in my life is actually going well; my love life! Hahaha!

For the first time in forever I finally did something right; letting a certain someone enter my life. I’ve never felt so sure of someone before. I think he is the one. I HOPE he is the one.

I’ve been thinking about the possible problems we will encounter someday, and I am willing to solve all of them when the time comes. I am willing to take risks. I don’t really know why, but that’s what I feel. That’s what my mind and heart is telling me to do; to keep this guy no matter what happens.

I hope I will be able to. I hope he won’t stop giving me reasons to. :)

And this, this is the best gift God ever gave to me. Happiness. Contentment.

Actually, even before he came into my life, I was already happy. I just became happier. Haha! I never thought I would still find a guy for me, so yeah I was a bit surprised. I thought I was going to be alone for the rest of my life… not that I don’t want to. ;) It’s actually ok too! :)

It was unexpected. As I always say, bumabawi lang siguro yung universe sakin. LOOOL!

'I'm fine.'
It’s just the beginning and I’m already pretending.